Return on Employee Wellbeing

Picture credit: Igbotanicals   Is Employee Wellness taking the centerstage at organizations and why? For those who work on weekend to work more the next day, for those who reply 24/7 at any time, for those who feel left out or isolated at work, for those managers who love to discuss work on weekends, for […]

Leading Change in the VUCA World

Picture credit: “Your life does not get better by chance, it only gets better with change” Change is must to be in the frontline and thrive in this VUCA world. In order to be a market leader, one needs to embed and embrace ‘Change’ constantly into the system. To stay competitive and profitable we […]

Empathy – The power of feelings

Picture credit: In the current competitive world, Empathy seems like a tool which nobody wants to use. Why? Because it will be perceived as something but not power. Everyone wants to attack the problem straight, bargain with facts, negotiate with hard noisy power and look nothing less than irresistibly strong! Can you create value […]

The current disruption: Only HR can see the business to the other side

  Organizations around the world have faced a tectonic shift that has redefined the constraints and more importantly the possibilities in doing business. No business can say it was ready for the scale, intensity, and disruption brought about by the pandemic of COVID-19. Unlike other major business transformations, this org-wide response must be spearheaded by […]


  Google and Apple join hands, to help detect if you have met someone with a possible Covid-19 infection. Airbnb hosts to provide housing to 100,000 COVID-19 responders. High street brands like Zara and H&M have pledged to offer protective equipment and surgical masks to hospitals. Dior and Louis Vitton parent company LVMH has stepped […]

Continuous Learning – The only CONSTANT NEED in shaping an organization’s performance culture

  “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection” – Mark Twain In my view, every forward thinking organization attempts to have a journey, where today is better than yesterday and tomorrow looks more promising than today. To have a compounding business growth journey, fungible skills and capabilities are paramount. Organizations ought to create a strong […]

Elephants dancing, Unicorns panting, the war for talent will never be the same – It’s time for organizations to look beyond recovery to reimagine talent supply chain post Covid19

Before it all started, every day was same for my 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter – they get up, they go to School/Early learning center, they come back, they play, finish any home work they have, watch TV, they do what has been told to them. Now, when they wake up in the […]

Creating an inclusive learning journey, a new norm in the age of seamless collaboration, talent shifts and digital blurs

(from May thought leadership meet)   Learning is an integral part of every organization. As human beings, we all crave for learning and developing constantly. Organizations have profound and rock-solid learning programs that enable organic upskilling, best practice sharing, tackling application of complex thought and more. The corona virus pandemic has disrupted almost everything and […]

The Times They Are A-Changin’!

#socialskills, #softskills, #interpersonalskills Majority of the articles nowadays on LinkedIn or other forums inadvertently pop up on medical science and the changes we have to bring about in our lives – professional or personal, owing to Covid. While few of the medical articles revolve around how life expectancy has increased over the last few decades […]

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