6 books that impacted me this year!

2020 – a year of ample time for course corrections, reflections and soul searching. One of the ways I was able to achieve one or more of the above was by getting hold of books that added to my personal development. Thankful to all the friends who I look upto when it comes to personal […]

Power of Generative Change in Organizations

Is’nt that the current ongoing pandemic situation has caused a disruption to our existing social construction of reality to work, workplace & workforce ? Not only that but it has also posed us with more adaptive challenges than ever before like “how do we create sustainable business models”, “ How do we build dynamic , […]

Learner Personas

Learner Personas How Personas act as a prototype and help in employee learning Introduction There is a lot of buzz going around Personas and how it helps in an employee’s learning experience. Hence, I decided to debug the aura around Persona and make it simpler for the audience. Why Personas? So, what are these Learner […]

COVID: No Coffee No Conversation. And beyond.

Picture credit: Look around and you would know that an average working professional spends more time at his/her job than any other activity. Post pandemic? Your best friend is not your kitchen or the newspaper or even your Netflix account but your computer screen which has you looking at it for more time than […]

Challenges in employee relations in the current scenario – union and management perspectives towards recovery

  The Virtual Thought Leadership Monthly Meet of August touched upon the theme – Challenges in employee relations in the current scenario. Speakers were Glen D’Souza of Diageo India, Hirendra Badhiye of ex-Northern Trust and ShanthaKumar of Indian National Trade Union Congress, which was greatly moderated by Girinarayan G of Your HR Buddy. Girinarayan kickstarted […]

Is there a Gag on the Gig Economy?

Picture credit: iStock by Getty Images The world is increasingly going digital and technology led innovations have a significant role in encouraging people’s participation on these digital platforms. This gave rise to the gig economy. Since 2010, the gig economy has received much popularity and attention from researchers, pointing to its extraordinary rate of growth. […]

Decoding a Successful Culture Transformation!

  Organization cultures are unique. Starbucks, GE, Google or HUL, the names convey an imagery of their shared beliefs, values and culture even when we may not have personally experienced it. As organizations evolve, cultures perpetuate, solidify and declare some part of it as redundant due to strategy or management philosophy change, M&A/ Spin offs, […]

Enhancing Analytical skills towards reskilling for a better tomorrow

Picture credit: peoplemattersglobal Introduction “Reskilling” and “Upskilling” have become most popular terminologies among the workforce amidst the COVID pandemic. Every individual thrives for better sustainability in their professional arena and hence started to work towards reshaping their skillsets. There are multiple skill sets that could be discussed. However, the ultimate requirement of each and every […]

Employer Branding – more than just Social Media engagement!

#employerbranding #talentattraction War for Talent is a term coined by Steven Hankin of McKinsey & Company in 1997. It refers to the ever-changing landscape of attracting, retaining and developing talent. You might think what a terminology coined more than two decades back has relevance today. While business landscapes and organizations have transformed over the last […]

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