Enhancing Analytical skills towards reskilling for a better tomorrow

Enhancing Analytical skills towards reskilling for a better tomorrow

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“Reskilling” and “Upskilling” have become most popular terminologies among the workforce amidst the COVID pandemic. Every individual thrives for better sustainability in their professional arena and hence started to work towards reshaping their skillsets. There are multiple skill sets that could be discussed. However, the ultimate requirement of each and every employer is around the phrase “Skills that enhance and help to position their business better”. This being so “What skill set should I develop to grab the appropriate limited opportunity” is in every jobseeker’s mind. Building one’s analytical skills is equally important in the present scenario. Analytical skills in simple terms, involve collection of information from relevant heterogeneous sources, conducting a thorough investigation and further analysis based on the information accumulated, and facilitate appropriate and better decision making. There is a perceived myth about Analytical skills that it is the skill for operating around numbers but these skills also include computing, visualization, articulation, and solving both complex and basic problems. Analytical skills, as indicated in many research reports can be improved with practice and repetition and evolves around real-life scenarios. Individuals who develop these skills systematically would definitely help the organization to solve pertinent problems and contribute towards overall performance enhancement of the self and the organization.

The Need
Analytical skills are always required to remain in close touch with the real-time scenario. It facilitates to understand the problem in hand well before providing solutions. Most of the time, these skills help one to make decisions dynamically and precisely as proven in many studies. Head hunters are constantly looking for candidates who are capable of using clear, logical steps and excellent judgment to understand an issue from all angles before executing an action.

In this highly competitive era and prevailing dynamic market situation, it is crucial to clearly understand the platform of operation from multi-various dimensions. Analytical skills are inherent skills that are required for cross functional analytical aspects and considered critical for providing reports related to but not limited to financials, competitor analysis, market scanning and strategic planning. Systemic analytical approach would help one to stay in the right track besides dynamic situations and foresee a better and bigger picture for tomorrow.

12 ways to enhance your Analytical Skills – A Recommendation:

  • Be open for reshaping your skillsets
  • Be open to examine, question and accept challenges
  • Be open to work with facts and data
  • Be open for critical thinking
  • Be open for collaboration
  • Be open to generate problems and suitable solutions
  • Be practical and feasible in providing solutions
  • Be insightful, experiential and incessant
  • Be ready to exercise your brain with mind games like crossword puzzles, strategy games and Sudoku
  • Be ready to change your routines
  • Be ready to be your own critic
  • Be ready to value evidence over supposition

Analytical skills are helpful in every phase of life, be it personal or professional. Analytical skills are not only meant for Data Analysts but for every individual who look forward to a better tomorrow. Let us get ready to enhance our analytical skills for sustainability and growth.


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–By Dr. J.Meenakumari  Prof & Head – Research @ [ISME, Bengaluru]

Authors bio:

Dr. Meenakumari is an enterprising, proficient, and resourceful professional with 22 years of experience in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Administration, Research and Innovation, Resources planning and allocation, Teambuilding, Strategic planning and implementation, Learning and development, Curriculum design, Staff and Student Management, Capacity building, and ICT-based administration.

Papers cited in UNESCO ICT implementation policy and has Google Scholar citations with a good h-index and i10 index. Published a book and 34 research articles in refereed Journals. Also authored and presented 26 research papers, won best paper awards in International Conferences. She is a reviewer for many international journals of repute and also the Key speaker and Session chair for many International Conferences.

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