Empathy – The power of feelings

Empathy – The power of feelings

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In the current competitive world, Empathy seems like a tool which nobody wants to use. Why? Because it will be perceived as something but not power.

Everyone wants to attack the problem straight, bargain with facts, negotiate with hard noisy power and look nothing less than irresistibly strong!

Can you create value using Empathy?

As Eric Barker says, Negotiations can be won and wars can be turned into friendly discussions.

Keep Calm and Slow it Down

In a heated discussion, most often than not, both parties want to prove a point and win the argument. This scenario will only make the situation worse. How about keeping calm and listen to the other side for a change? Tell them, “Please speak slowly, I’d like to help”. Believe me, you will see a difference.

Use active listening

Listening is the most underrated skill. It seems easy however it’s hard to learn and implement. We can hear and understand seven hundred words a minute, but people only speak about one hundred words a minute. This lag can cause your mind to wander. Focus.

Label Emotions

Remember, we are focusing on feelings here, try giving a name to their emotion. Neuroscience research shows that giving a name to a feeling helps reduce their intensity.

Make people think

Use questions, not statements. This focuses them to consider options and think instead of just vent. Pretend to be Socrates. Don’t solve the problem, rather ask questions and help them come up with a solution. They will be less defensive if they solve their own problem and more likely to follow through with it.

People and relationships are essential for any business and growth. Invest into it because when you have allies on your side, you will go a long way of success, together!


— By Sonam

Authors bio:

Sonam comes with 15+ years of strategic HR experience. She has previously worked with organizations such as Accenture, Genpact, Tech Mahindra and Tavant. She has worked extensively in the space of Business HR, Inclusion and Diversity, Change management, Compensation and Benefits, and Recruitments.
After an impactful stint in Business HR, she realised the importance of bringing diversity and inclusion in the organisation. This realisation not only made her lead the Inclusion and Diversity program at Accenture India, but also made the organisation become a leader in designing the I&D programs. Besides I&D, she helped build the competency mapping framework and performance achievement in Accenture.

Her strengths lie in designing large scale impact, delivery through leading teams and bringing CXO level priorities to life. Large scale implementations through business partnering, change advocacy, and accelerating growth.

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