HR Showcase 2020 – The Volunteer Experience

HR Showcase 2020 – The Volunteer Experience

Dedication. Camaraderie. Determination. Team Spirit. Passion. Result Orientation.

These are a few of the words that come to my mind when I think of HR showcase 2020!

After the roller-coaster ride that the year 2020 has been for most of us, the initial apprehension around how to conduct this flagship event of the NHRDN Bangalore Chapter was soon replaced with calm confidence, when the Airmeet platform was introduced to the scene. It would be absolutely fair to credit the success of the event not only to the awe-inspiring team that worked behind the scenes, but largely to the platform that made it so seamless and user-friendly an experience that participants and organizers alike took to it like fish to water! The plan was in place, a tried and tested one at that, and with a technology boost from Airmeet, we were able to pull off what we did…

Personally, this was my first experience being a part of the organising team for the HR Showcase event. Once the initial bit of information pertaining to how this event has been organised in the past (in the in-person mode) was made available and understood, it was easy to superimpose its conduct as it was envisioned in the virtual mode.

The beauty of the platform clearly, was the ability to simulate the experience for delegates, as close to the real world as possible. Starting with the ‘Reception’ which simulated the registration desk at the venue, delegates would get to proceed to the ‘Sessions’ area where the agenda for the day was listed down and joining any session of interest was as simple as clicking a link! The highly addictive ‘reactions’ button is a feature that deserves special mention, that makes sessions more interactive and livelier.

The highlight clearly was the ‘Lounge’ where delegates got an opportunity to network and make the most of the event, to widen their horizons. The ‘Speed Networking’ feature was a super-hit with the in-built AI taking on the onerous task of matching profiles and virtually introducing each delegate who opted to do so. The fully engaging video chat feature and direct chat option lent the much-needed personal touch to each interaction despite the virtual mode of conduct of the event. It was easy to imagine being at the physical HR Showcase venue if not for the screen in front of us!

The fulcrum around which the entire event revolved – the ‘Arena’ was the perfect platform for the various HR Showcase contestants to present the best practices and flaunt-worthy achievements. Seamless coordination by the team that was the interface between the contestants and the jury ensured that the interactions were scheduled in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

A myriad of teams worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes to put up the fabulous virtual show – right from delegate acquisition to sponsor management, stall management to getting all stakeholders aligned to the technological platform – all this and more, demanded meticulous planning and execution. The sheer size of the teams in itself would have gotten overwhelming for novices, but the fact that each one conducted themselves with such expertise and control, ensured that there was no scope whatsoever for any confusion or unanticipated fallout thereof.

The truly inspirational leadership displayed by the core organizing team and EC Members at the NHRDN Bangalore Chapter also deserves special mention – doubling up as sounding boards for the extended organizing team, filling in for any area that needed an extra ‘push’, or simply doing most of the heavy-weight lifting, long hours and gruelling schedules, all carried out with great ease and a BIG SMILE 😊 at all times.

Clearly, getting the job done is easy when everyone is having fun doing it, and the HR Showcase 2020 organizing team proved this beyond doubt! More so, there were worthy learnings and takeaways for each one involved – and I’m fortunate to have been one of them.

–By Nisha Kurup,

Authors bio:

Human Resources Professional possessing close to two decades of work experience into service and training realms in a variety of industries including IT / ITeS, Banking, Hospitality and Telecom, across locations. Passionate about ethical practices, positive work spaces and equal opportunity for all. Learner for life with a flair for all things artistic.

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