Does Consistency surpass Ability at workplace during challenging times?

Does Consistency surpass Ability at workplace during challenging times?

Is this the most striking question in your mind right now? Yes, it is predominant question in many of our minds. “Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure” – Napoleon Hill

Every employee in general would thrive and bound to add value to an organization and in turn the organization watches it from the angle of what the employee could accomplish tomorrow, next month, in the next six months, or a year. However, there is no proven way to directly or accurately predict the same. There is an assumption around this aspect that the answer to one question” Are you Consistent”? provides a road map to the rest. To employers, consistency is a promise. It spells dependability and longevity. To employees, consistency is a path to trust, which leads to opportunity. Consistency helps us to come into view in all our endeavors in order to produce the scene of the day and this is no exception in terms of one’s work culture. Performing consistently might not be stimulating and won’t bring instantaneous results but it will definitely make you better.

Is consistency a “Trait” or a “Skill”, and could it be learned? Certainly consistency attracts people’s attention at the work place. Consistent employees are dependable and predictable, reassuring to managers and colleagues, customers and clients. During this phase of new normal, exhibiting consistency is very challenging and it becomes inevitable for each one of us to learn and practice it. Alex Alonso, a renowned HR Professional considers Consistency as the “Hidden competency” at workplace and various HR experts out of their experience attributes it as an element that leads to HR career success. Recently, few subject matter experts, repeatedly noted the importance of being consistent and even feel that Consistency matters in everything that HR does. But they also noted that consistency is an intangible trait. Consistency, or lack thereof, can be the defining factor between failure or success. Employees who consistently demonstrate satisfactory performance are the most sought after ones. Consistency does not mean that you must do everything identically says Suzanne Lucas, a freelance journalist specializing in Human Resources. Dependability is an important attribute to look out for in an employee as it increases a wide variety of tasks. A dependable employee not only shows up for work on time every day but also produces consistent work. This blog helps to understand the significance of consistency the attributes and benefits associated with it. This blog also provides insights to build demonstrate and maintain consistency ant work place as the potential impact are also discussed.

Building, demonstrating and maintaining consistency at work place.

Building Consistency is a progressive activity and needs gradual and periodical improvements to reflect. It is positioned well within the phrase “consistent action leads to consistent results,” which makes logical sense. Consistency keeps one distinguishable from others at the work place. As a first step, set your goals and then tie it to suitable actions, charter your plans and show up marginally at least by 1% everyday so that it becomes significant by 365 days. Consistency could be set in with any aspect be it reliability, quality, timeliness, promptness etc., Kickstart the demonstration by providing an answer to the question whether you are clear with what you need to do in the organization in terms of roles and responsibilities. Ensure the same with your team as well. Secondly check whether you have current information in hand to decide on future deliverables so as to meet the expectations. Understand the situation well, define the scope and boundaries and start your journey towards success. Constantly work on your strengths and weaknesses together to elevate your skills in favor of you and your organization thereby fulfilling the aspects of “Growing Resources”. Once consistency is built and demonstrated, preserve it since it would reflect on you and become part of you and your organization for better visibility.

Impact of Consistency:

Consistency helps to enhance one’s adaptability which is very important during a pandemic for better sustainability. It always helps to enhance individual technical competence and develop better interpersonal skills. Consistency helps to provide opportunities to achieve value and meaning to one’s life as well us to the organization. It helps to deliver results in terms of productive outcome, strives to consistently achieve excellence in all tasks and goals. During the challenging times like a pandemic it helps to maintain focus and persevere in the face of obstacles. It helps to use time efficiently and respond quickly and constructively when confronted with challenges. It facilitates prioritizing tasks based on importance, promotes personal growth, ensures job knowledge and skills that are current and valuable. Consistency enables being receptive to feedback, enhanced communication and decision making, situational analysis, finding innovative solutions in a timely manner, and trustworthiness indirectly helps in branding. It helps to bring in a better collaborative work environment. Consistency opens up for measurement and accountability and also maintains employee messages relevant. It also helps to set the culture and work patterns in an organization. Overall it promotes good organizational culture and ethics to act upon during challenging times.


Consistency helps to find a way to distinguish yourself and show your value so that others think of you when it comes to any endeavor that is interesting and contributing towards success in an organization. Ability and consistency could be considered as two sides of the same coin. Ability is all about possessing mental or physical power or skill to perform the given tasks efficiently. consistency reflects on ability and quality at workplace as a driving factor. Ability would provide visibility whereas consistency would provide enhanced visibility and sustainability. It is important to foster a positive, energetic work environment and hence “Be Consistent to Be Successful”.

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–By Dr.Meenakumari. J [ Prof & Head – Research @ ISME, Bangalore ]

Authors bio:

Dr. Meenakumari has more than two decades of experience in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Administration, Research and Innovation, Resources planning and allocation, Teambuilding, Strategic planning and implementation, Learning and development, Curriculum design, Staff and Student Management, Capacity building, and ICT-based administration. Papers cited in UNESCO ICT implementation policy and has Google Scholar citations with a good h- index and i10 index. Published a book and 35 research articles in refereed Journals. Also authored and presented 26 research papers, won best paper awards in International Conferences. She is a reviewer for many international journals of repute and also the Key speaker and Session chair for many International Conferences.

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