The HeArt of Work – How To Unlock Your True Potential Using the Power of Insight

May 25, 2023
17:45 - 20:00
The Pride Hotel Bangalore

We are shaped by what happens around us. The eyes experience the world in a certain way and the brain processes these stimuli, and calls us to action. Somehow in all this science, the heart is missed. And yet, in all that we do, we listen to the mind at times and to the heart at times. Work, overall is about getting things done, and the heart does not normally figure in it. In my many years of working, I have seen that the heart has a huge influence on what happens to us, happens around us and propels us to action. The Heart is central to all work that we do. It is the anchor for our personality.

Stories are powerful ways of conveying an idea which remains long after it is heard or read. Over time, and upon constant nudging, I began to collect incidents that were ‘moments that mattered’. These moments that matter, don’t have a timeline. There is no date to a story. At the core of these are the values that bind them, the arteries and veins and the tissues that bind the heart of work. Stories are powerful ways to communicate our values and beliefs.

Work and career by their very nature is about building. Slowly, brick on mortar and with a foundation that is well laid. We are shaped by the experiences of our lives and many of them stand out, for in the way, they have provided a strong anchor. Stories are timeless in a way.

This book aims to help readers seek out their own stories that helps them discover their own anchors of work. It is meant for a wide audience for in a way the journeyman has been through several roads to reach his destination. It about the heart of work. I felt that these stories could be useful to a young professional, a mid- career professional and a senior professional. It addresses anyone who is curious about work. It would help people discover their stories and draw insights and hence their anchors.

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