Organization Design – Demystified

April 11, 2023
18:30 - 20:00

“Organization Design – Demystified” featuring Shan Pretheshan and Arun Kumar as our esteemed speakers. As organizational structures continue to evolve rapidly, it has become increasingly important for HR professionals to understand the nuances of organization design and its impact on employee engagement and productivity.

Shan Pretheshan

Certified Organisation
Design Professional (CODP)

Arunkumar R

Vice President - Organization
Development & Design
(Banking Sector)

Join us  for an insightful and informative session. Register now to hear from our expert speakers, who are both Certified Organization Design Professionals, and network with other HR professionals.

– Emerging Trends in country for Organization Design competency 
– FireSide Discussion on 

– Common myths around Organization Design 

– How can start ups (re)organize themselves to scale in a sustainable manner

– How can larger corporates leverage Organization Design 

– As HR practitioners and founders , what  are the common mistakes to avoid?

– How to decide on which Organization Structure fits the best  

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