A Perspective on Women in Leadership

March 16, 2023
17:45 - 20:00
The Chancery Hotel - Lavelle Road, Bengaluru
The event began with Networking and Hi-Tea . It was followed by Sandhya George– Bangalore Chapter Secretary, giving the latest chapter updates and the forthcoming events for the next few months. She then invited Dr. Vishal Shah to moderate the discussion “A Perspective on women in leadership” with the panel comprising of Mohana MD, Deepa Nagarajan and Yasmeen Shaikh. The discussion was followed by Q&A . Some of the the key points of the discussion were
  • Why are we celebrating women's day.Lets not forget the reason behind it.
  • The tenets of leadership  are not changing but  the generation mindset is changing
  • Bringing equity takes effort , patience and processes by the organization.
  • As a women leader, you have to develop inner strength and confidence. 
  • Look at leadership as a service. Find a sponsor for yourself

Thanks to a great panel discussion and audience for bringing the subject alive. The event closed by appreciating the NHRD Student Activities Committee, who have completed 6 months by contributing towards the various NHRD events and programs.


Yasmeen Shaikh

VP-HR India,
Nextgen Healthcare India Pvt Ltd

Dr.Deepa Nagarajan

Founder & Director,
Deepa Nagarajan LLP &
Yagna Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Mohana MD

Chief People & Culture Officer,
Betterplace Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd


Dr. Vishal Shah

VP - Leadership &
Organisation Development,

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