Unveiling Power of Facilitation: From Exploration to Application

August 31, 2023
17:30 - 19:30
CMS Business School

NHRD Bangalore Chapter in collaboration with International Association of Facilitation (IAF) brings to you an immersive experience into the world of facilitation by harnessing its potential to create meaningful, resonant impact in your personal and professional life.

Join us live at CMS Business School, Bangalore on 31st August,2023 for you to Broaden horizons by discovering the diverse realms where facilitation can ignite growth- be it team dynamics to strategy formulation Unearth Strategic spaces where facilitation serves as a catalyst for change Enable leading dynamic discussions, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation

About IAF: The International Association of Facilitators(IAF) is a participatory organization with members in more than 65 countries. As a professional association, they set internationally accepted industry standards, provide accreditation, support a community of practice, advocate and educate on the power of facilitation and embrace the diversity of facilitators . Their vision is to see professional facilitation used throughout the world to address the challenges faced by people in their groups, organizations and communities. Visit them at https://www.iaf-world.org/site/ to know more.

Register TODAY !!! Don’t miss the opportunity to unveil the Facilitator’s craft and delve deep into the art and science of facilitation.

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