Why Join NHRD?

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow – Anthony J D’Angelo

It is with this very premise that NHRD has had its beginnings. To provide an avenue for collaboration, enlightenment & have a forum for knowledge sharing amongst the HR fraternity.

In this era of globalization & digitalization, learning is the only way one can really differentiate himself / herself from others. Be it in a corporate set up or an institution, your knowledge & your learnings that you bring to the forefront would truly set you apart.

NHRD Network provides forums to address opportunities and challenges to HR professionals through education, training, research and experience sharing. This makes us a unique place where HR professionals, Business Leaders, Academicians as well as young management students meet to exchange ideas, discuss common issues and work together to develop and expand the magnitude of Human Resources. Members come from all industry sectors, including Financial, Retail, Automobile, Healthcare and others, along with technology and solution providers that serve these sectors.

The biggest takeaway about being a part of NHRD would be the collaboration & the exchange of thought / ideas amongst industry stalwarts & a chance to bring in your own ideas!

Various avenues such as the Monthly Meets, HR Showcase, provide a chance to interact & converse with folks from across the industry, only leading to your own growth & development!

Here’s looking forward to you being a part of NHRD, learning & growing with US!

A chance to avail free entry to the Monthly Meets – members have special access without the entry fee. Non- members have to pay INR 500 for each attendance.

A coveted opportunity to avail special discounts for the learning programs & certifications.

A chance to be a part of special programs designed only for NHRD Members!