TecHeaRt 2018

Disruptive technologies, are changing the way HR as a function operates. While we resurrect and rebuild ourselves for this change, we also see that

  • We lack a comprehensive view of these technologies
  • We find it difficult to foresee the impact of these technologies on HR

NHRD’s TecHeaRt is a platform to combine technology with the all-important “human touch” to disrupt the current scenario of one-dimensional technological advancement. TecHeaRt not only brings out the heart in technology but also amalgamates future technologies developed and presented by some of the most promising organizations in India along with the crux of any organization – Human Resource

The objective is to bring HR thought leaders on one platform while offering the audience an excellent opportunity to participate in an HR conference that promises how we can shape the impact of technology on people, and use more “Heart”.

The key elements of the confluence –

  • HR Showcase – The most popular event by NHRD where companies demonstrate their innovations or practices in the use of technology, and compete for the best
  • PitchStop – A new inclusion,where the most promising start-ups will talk about their propositions, and with a VC at hand to hear their pitches
  • Thought leadership sessions and learning sessions by stalwarts of the industry

We are excited and look forward to your presence and participation at TechHeart !

Exciting plenary sessions and discussions with Cxo’s & Global experts

Our objectives :

- To learn how organisations are using technology to re-architect business and HR
- To help us understand the cutting edge technologies and their applications
- To figure out how we can shape the impact of technology on people, and use more ‘Heart’

“Every problem has a solution, you just need to be creative to find it”

In the last decade many Tech Startups have emerged to provide solutions to domains varying across the industries. HR is not untouched by this transformation and today we have over 500 HR Tech innovations across the country. Acknowledging this evolution, NHRD Bangalore is introducing an ecosystem for the early age and established HR Startups. It is an exposition where the most promising shortlisted startups will talk about their propositions, and with a VC at hand to hear their pitches.

How can my start-up be a part of PITCHSTOP

  • Nominate your start-up HERE
  • Participating start-ups will undergo a Prelim Jury evaluation where an esteemed group of judges would evaluate you on the basis of Business impact
  • Strengths of idea
  • Ease of Execution
  • Scalability of the idea
  • Shortlisted start-ups would get the privilege of showcasing their amazing idea to CHRO’s / HR Leaders, VCs, mentors.
  • We will assign a mentor selected start-ups to refine their idea/product/service
  • Shortlisted start-ups would compete with each other and the best one gets to be the showstopper! BIG prizes awaiting you!
  • Shortlisted start-ups would be required to invest 25K INR + GST to secure a demo space

Who can participant (HR Start-ups)
Early stage startups: Orgs younger than or equal to 2 years, or lesser
than or equal to 10 clients (active and past)
Growth stage startups: Orgs older than 2 years and less than or equal to 5 years, or more than 10 clients (active and past)

WIIFM (What’s in it for me)
What are the benefits that start ups would have

  • Exposure to work at real industry problem statements in organisations
  • A great opportunity to early HR start-ups to get an immensely valuable exposure to HR leaders, VCs and mentors to sharpen their knife.
  • Get identified and recognised at a national platform with an opportunity to showcase your solutions.
  • Get Mentored by veteran HR leaders to improve and add perspectives to your product/service
Write to for your queries

For organizations who may not want to participate in PitchStop 18, we welcome you to be a part of TechHeart through the regular channels of registering for a stall, and avail the opportunity to share your organization with the larger community!

The HR Showcase is a unique trade show style event for HR professionals to present their most impactful HR practices & initiatives, learn about practices in other organizations, network with peers and compete for the coveted Grand HR Showcase awards.


  • How organizations could leverage technology, with a heart!

Sub themes:

  • Using AI/analytics to amplify human performance, increase productivity
  • Using technology to get people more connected and engaged
  • Agile workforce: Best practices for getting people ready for the future tech- reskilling, changing jobs/roles, careers and
  • Change management – how are companies bringing ‘humanness’ to balance technology

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  • If you want to publicise or display your product or service, you can make use of our Marketplace Exposition. Ideal for:
    • Product companies
    • Service providers
    • Start-ups with new concepts
  • You can choose a Stall, a share stall or a kiosk

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